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I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I've been existing outside of the traditional workplace since August 2010, doing projects that are exciting and interesting to me. Like many artists, I'm able to keep going thanks to the generosity and consideration of wonderful people like you. There are days I feel overcome with gratitude for all of the kindness that is showered upon me. You warm my heart! If you happen to be looking for new ways to lend a hand, these would be really helpful to me:

1. Show Up: It makes me so happy to see you at my exhibits, fairs, open studio nights and demonstrations. Your energy enlivens the event and makes the experience even more fun. Just you being there is a great boost for me. Check the Calendar for information on coming gatherings or sign up for my email newsletter to receive notifications in your Inbox.

2. Say Sweet Things: Every time I hear "good job" and "keep going" it replenishes my energy to forge ahead. Your encouraging words really do mean a lot. Feel free to
write me a note any time.

3. Clean Out Your Closet: I love cutting apart old clothes and sewing them back up into something new! I'm so grateful for the many friends, coworkers and strangers who have shared their unwanted apparel with me. It is enormously helpful! Feel free to toss me whatever fabric you have and no longer need. What I can't use, I share with other artists, donate to Goodwill, turn into studio rags, or set out for recycling. I'm happy to pick things up; just drop me a note or schedule a studio visit.

4. Clean Out Your Studio: I can paint over those old canvasses, dye that stack of failed drawings, and stitch those book pages into cool shopping bags. Feel free to toss me whatever supplies you have and no longer need. What I can't use, I share with other artists and donate to local art teachers. I'm happy to pick things up; just drop me a note or schedule a studio visit.

5. Follow Me: I post pretty regularly to Facebook and Instagram, and more lazily to Twitter and Flickr. Having followers on those web pages helps me feel like people are interested in my work, and it also nudges my name up the results list when people are conducting internet searches.

6. Come Visit: I love having people over! Whether you're attending an Open Studio event or just spending time hanging out and talking art with me, I'm happy for the opportunity to share my space with you. Most weeks, I'm at the studio 5-6 days, roughly 10am-7pm. There are always exceptions, so drop me a line before you drive over.

7. Tell Your Friends: With your help, I can get my work in front of more people. Share my Facebook posts on your page, ask your pals to see an exhibit with you, forward them my email newsletter, invite them to take a workshop, or buy them gifts from my shop!

8. Speak the Truth: Do I need better signage? Clearer email communication? More convenient hours? When you spot an opportunity for improvement, please let me know. Your suggestions, ideas, fresh eyes and constructive criticism all help me grow.

9. Play with Me: I love making art with other people! I learn so much and love the energy of all that creativity flying around. Sign up for a workshop or schedule a date to conduct an art experiment with me.

10. Sign Up for My Newsletter: It just makes me feel good to have people interested in what I'm up to. The more people on the distribution list, the more satisfying it is to write the announcements. There are several newsletters to choose from, so pick just the topics that appeal to you and unsubscribe at any time. (I completely understand the occasional need to reign in the volume of email received. We'll still be friends if you drop off the list.)

11. Go Shopping: Take in an exhibit, browse online offerings, or shop in person at my studio. We both benefit: you get something one-of-a-kind, and I get to keep making one-of-a-kind things!

12. Write a Review: If you had a lovely experience, tell the world about it. Your endorsement enhances my credibility and helps new people feel comfortable contacting me. Consider crafting a review on Facebook.

13. Fund Me on Patreon: This will help me purchase studio equipment that will allow me to enhance my business by creating a fun new line of educational arts/crafts/fashion video tutorials. Choose from a variety of awards for your contribution.

14. Buy Me a Coffee: Because every little bit helps move me from today into tomorrow.

Special thanks to these 2018 Supporters, who gave me clothes from their closets, gifted me with fabric, connected me with resources, funded me, housed me, provided opportunities for growth, learning and exposure, loaned me equipment, offered business advice and artistic guidance, donated their writing skills, shared honest constructive feedback, brainstormed ideas, provided testimonials, or enthusiastically encouraged me.

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